Ascend Finance

Presale and Public Launch

PRESALE 1 - Pinksale (KYC Complete)

The first presale will be open to Whitelist users only and will be hosted on Pinksale. The total raise will be 150 BNB. This raise will be crucial to the growth of the project. All funds will be used for the project and not go to the team. 50 BNB will be used for each of the following: Marketing, Liquidity Partnership, and Lotteries. (Subject to change where the team feels beneficial.)
$climb will be sold at ½ price of the launch price to Whitelist members only. There will be a max buy of 10 BNB per person for the Whitelist presale. In order to earn a whitelist role you will need to be active in our Discord and follow the rules/requirements to be white listed. You will need to submit your wallet address to a wallet collection channel. There will be a bounty prize given to 1 Max Buy participant in the amount equivalent to $1000 worth of $climb.
We have completed KYC with Pinksale for this project, which can be found at the following link:​


The second presale will take place 2-3 weeks after the first Presale raise completes, also on Pinksale. The total raise for this round will be announced when the Ascend Finance launch date is set. 40% of this raise will go to Liquidity. 60% will go to marketing, development, the treasury and team pay. There will be a max buy of 20 BNB for this round. The second presale is open to the public and no Whitelist is required. The price of $climb will be offered at a 25% discount of launch price. There will be a bounty prize given to 2 Max Buy participants in the amount equivalent to $1000 worth of $climb.


The public launch of Ascend Finance will happen within 48 hours. The $climb token can be purchased on Our Dapp will be active as soon as $climb goes live and presale users will be able to swap their presale tokens for $climb tokens.