Ascend Finance

Staking and Daily ROI

Holders of the native $climb token can stake $climb tokens to earn a daily 1% reward. A rebase occurs every 24 hours at the same time daily. If you do not claim your rewards in the next 24 hours that follow, the reward will expire and be burned. Missed daily rewards cannot be recovered. We suggest staking and not locking if you prefer to claim and manually compound daily. This strategy (unlocked staking) CAN receive the highest possible return from the protocol.

Autocompouding and Lock Bonus:

Users can buy, hold, and earn - Autocompound - by locking their $climb token for either 30, 60 or 90 days. After selecting this option and choosing your preferred lock period you are not required to claim rewards. They are automatically collected and compounded every 48 hours. Locking the $climb token for more than 30 days (60 or 90 days) will receive a bonus percentage on top of the daily 1% ROI (see below). Locked tokens cannot be unlocked for the 30 and 60 day block. You have the option to unlock the 90 day block after 60 days but you will incur a 50% tax on the tokens you are unlocking.
Days Locked
Reward per Rebase
(Every 48 Hours)
Unlock / tax
30 days
1% autocompound
No unlock
60 days
1.25% autocompound
No unlock
90 days
1.5% autocompound
After 60 days / 50% tax