Ascend Finance

Ascend Finance


Ascend Finance is a new decentralized finance (DeFi) protocol built on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) focused on sustainable rewards through a variety of DeFi concepts and tokenomics. The primary yield will come from staking and claiming rewards. Ascend Finance will pay out 1% daily (rebase every 24 hours) to all staked tokens. This amount equates to a 365% APR with the ability to increase if the token holder chooses to claim daily and compound their rewards. Users who stake their tokens must claim their rewards within 24 hours after the daily rebase or the yield gets burned and cannot be recovered. This method encourages people to remain active and committed to monitoring their investments and acts as a deflationary tactic to stabilize the protocol.
If daily claiming is not for you, Ascend Finance will also offer the option to lock the $climb token to have the funds auto-compound. The auto-compound option will come with a higher daily reward the longer the tokens are locked, but the rebase will occur every 48 hours instead of 24. Users have the option to lock their token for 30, 60, or 90 days. (Rewards shown later in the Whitepaper)
Why the two options? Our team feels a project is only as healthy as active its users are. By putting the responsibility on the $climb holder to manually manage their funds and claim their earnings, they remain involved and committed to the project. Having constant interaction with the Ascend Dapp keeps the project part of their daily routine and not out of focus. Those who buy in, hold, and do not participate can still earn, but may miss out on more opportunities and higher yield than those more involved. If users compound their 1% daily without locking, they can yield more than those who auto-compound and lock with the 48 hour rebase. You can compare the two options using the calculator on our Dapp.
Ascend Finance also aims to add more utility in the form of contests, yielding opportunities, and future add-ons. Users can participate in 50/50 raffles, multiple lotteries, and an NFT collection (later in the road map) that reward the winning participants and send funds to liquidity and the treasury. We will look to partner with other projects to help build liquidity and pair within the $climb ecosystem.
Ascend Finance will also use part of its treasury to make transparent investments into other Defi projects with the hopes of finding early alpha to funnel gains back to the protocol. Our experienced team - with many years combined in the Defi / crypto space has been through multiple crypto bull and bear markets. We are confident we will be able to grow the investments at a rapid pace with proper risk management. Now, especially, is the best time to start building a treasury as markets remain volatile and many blue chips can be had much cheaper than past all time highs.